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The part of Love you haven’t seen

The part of Love you haven’t seen

The part of Love you haven’t seen (Julio 31, 2014)

Why Love makes you feel like a God.

That is the greateness of love, that it can complete you even if your lover is at millions of kilometers, because the fact that we think, not even feel, that we are accepted and loved is the most recofortable feeling ever.

Because when you feel loved you can taste and feel you are not alone, that in a way, your love will trascend the material world and you can escape of your limited body.

I don’t think we want to be eternal, but we have this constant urge to be available to make something bigger than us; I think our feeling of love, or this spiritual connection is what life is about. This is our constant fight to hope that we can make something last.

Deep down we want to be gods, and the only creation we can truly make is love, that’s why it is so powerful.

Love is gods gift to human. Love is a glimpse of what being a god is.

Generación “ʒo”

Generación “ʒo”