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Something called a hug...

Something called a hug...


Música: Max Richter - Love and Imagination

-So please go ahead. Tell me about humans. I don't have much time left- he said.

She took as many oxygen as she could, looked at him, and with the sunset in front of her she said:

"Humans. We are our countries, our cities, our relationships, everything tied together. Simple self centered creatures, cousins of the apes, floating in a distant rock in a cold and dark universe. Yet, we are complex individuals, with an endless folded universe in our thoughts, infinite possibilities with every passing second in our lives. Slaves of our own inventions, victims of our own systems, chasing our own perceptions, running out of 'time'.

Owners of a fragile life, living together in cities but alone in our insides. Craving for affection, and connections, but afraid of our own emotions.
We are stupid wars and endless rat races, inequality, racism and discrimination. We sometimes lose perception of the big picture, of who we are together and what we can achieve; at the same time we forget the small details, how beautiful coincidence of chance and luck that we still are alive.

We are a smile, a laugh that produce more laughter, we are a glance between two strangers soon to be lovers, we are a soft kiss, a night out with friends, a nice chat watching the sunset. We are sex, romance, mystery, death, passion, sadness, proud and fear. We are flaws and mistakes, achievements and moments of joy.

I can not describe you what it feels to be human, but I can tell you one thing:

Being alive... is amazing." - she said with sparkling eyes.

He stood up ready to leave forever and she hold him for a second.

-Open your arms. This is what we call... a hug.

Arena de la más fina...

Arena de la más fina...

Dejé de sentir dolor, estaba sentado en el piso...

Dejé de sentir dolor, estaba sentado en el piso...